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A Pledge By Elected Officials and Candidates that they will not take NRA money nor tout NRA ranking but will pursue common sense gun laws.

A Pledge by Individuals to oppose any candidate for any office who

takes NRA money or touts a favorable rating by the NRA.

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The NRA’s brazen shell game with donations: A Yahoo News investigation

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Feb 22, 2018

I wish you stupid fucks would've been killed in Florida instead of the children. Seriously, the only thing that you're trying to do is make things worse, and you're using the massacre as a facade to act like you actually care. It's beyond fucked up.


Marcia Sanchez
Feb 17, 2018

Our legislators apparently think blood money from the NRA is more important than the lives of our children and other innocent people in America. It is a sick statement that the people who are hired to teach and help our children are dying trying to protect our children because many of our legislators have been bought out by the NRA! This needs to stop now! No legislator should be allowed to accept money to insure a refusal to do their job and protect the American people!

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